Brazed Heat Exchangers

Brazed heat exchangers offer an economic, compact design suitable for a wide range of applications including water, steam and refrigerant mediums. Having no gasketed joints brazed heat exchangers can be supplied for relatively high pressure duties. Exchangers are available for working pressures of up to 30 bar g and temperatures between -195°c and 185°c.

The exchangers comprise of pressed stainless steel ribbed plates vacuum brazed under carefully controlled conditions. The exchanger design has been developed using the latest computer simulation techniques backed up by extensive test bed trials. the net result is an exchanger whose reliability is unquestionable.

Features of Brazed Heat Exchangers

  • Compactness - BHE occupy an extremely low volume when compared with a shell and tube heat exchanger of the same duty.
  • Thermal performance As turbulent flow can be maintained at relatively low velocities high heat transfer coefficients can be achieved.
  • High working pressure The unique construction technique allows the BHE to withstand high pressures and resistance to pressure pulses.
  • Low weight As the exchanger volume is low when compared with alternative types of exchanger the wet weight of BHEs is considerably less than other types of heat exchangers.
  • Economic The purchase price of a BHE will be lower than an equivalent shell and tube heat exchanger of the same specification duty. In addition the installation of BHE is easier and as a consequence the site installation costs are also reduced.

brazed heat exchangers
brazed heat exchangers