Plate Heat Calorifiers

The Plate Heat Calorifier is a compact, highly efficient packaged water heating system capable of supplying 600 - 9000 litres per hour of continuous hot water at 60°C as well as meeting peak demands in excess of the rated input duty.

The system comprises of stored water volume, instantaneous brazed plate heat exchanger, domestic circulating pump, flow regulator and if desired a direct acting primary temperature controller. The Plate Heat Calorifier is supplied ready fitted and is easy to install.

  • Reduced hot water storage up to 75% less than a traditional storage calorifier
  • Lightweight with minimum footprint.
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance.
  • Unvented kits available.
  • Available in copper or stainless steel.

plate heat calorifier
Plate heat calorifier schematic

Performance Data

Performance data table

Footprint Dimensions

Performance data table

*Other capacities and outputs available. Above is just indicative sizing data