The maximiser has been developed to meet today's need for a compact calorifier which will respond to high peak loads with minimal demand for boiler power. This high output semi-storage calorifier is the ultimate solution to space limitations, power regulation, fluctuations in demand and energy savings.

The McCallum Maximiser is a semi-storage calorifier equipped with an in-built non-storage heat exchanger. The baffled heat exchanger with a 2-pass shell provides an efficient compact unit which is considerably smaller than a conventional storage heater battery. An integral pump circulates secondary water between the storage section and the heat exchanger. The interconnecting pipes are so arranged that the entire volume quickly reaches full storage temperature.

This not only assures a maximum reserve of hot water but also eliminates any areas of cool water, which may promote the growth of Legionella pneumophilia.

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Maximum Demand

The maximum demand from the boiler can be regulated by adjusting the circulation rate through the heat exchanger and offers a flexibility of control not possible with a simple storage battery. Demands for hot water are promptly sensed by the control system which immediately starts the heat recovery process. Low draw off rates only require low demands from the boiler service. High draw-off rates can only generate a demand from the boiler equal to the limit by the Maximiser control.

The reserve of stored water provides the extra supply of hot water required for peak flows and the heat exchanger continues to make up the loss after the surge has ended.