Solar Heating Systems

Solar thermal collectors have been around for many years, McCallum Water Heating has been involved in solar solutions from the very start supplying solar twin coil Cylinders and Calorifiers to the Scottish building services industry.

As we become more aware of the effects of global warming, renewable energy products such as solar collector panels are finally coming to the forefront of the carbon emissions debate. Many companies now offer renewable energy products, McCallum Water Heating has the back up from one of the original manufactures and can rely on over 28 years of experience in the Scottish and UK market, Add this to the 131 years of experience in the design and manufacture of water heating solutions and you get the feeling any system offered by McCallum Water Heating has been considered from every angle.

It's reassuring to know that both our Panels and Cylinders are manufactured in Scotland. If you require a system outline and quotation please download our solar Questionnaire.

packaged systems

Solar panel Collectors

McCallum Water Heatings flat solar panels are manufactured in Scotland and have a life expectancy in excess of 25 years. Our panels are constructed to EN12975 By ITW and have been tested in both Europe and the Fare East.

We also offer Evacuated Tube panels and any information can be supplied on request.

Solar panels information

Name Height (mm) Width (mm) Area (m²) Weight (kg)
A 1175 1032 1.2 11
B 1175 1500 1.7 14
C 1500 1175 1.7 14
D 1175 1945 2.2 18
E 1945 1175 2.2 18
F 1175 2130 2.5 20
G 2130 1175 2.5 20
H 1175 2880 3.3 23
I 2880 1175 3.3 23
J 1175 3770 4.4 32
K 3770 1175 4.4 32
L Collectors can be custom made - shapes sizes and weights vary

Solar Panel Technical Specification

Absorber Plate Aluminium fins metallurgically bonded to rhombic shaped copper water ways providing large water to wall contact for maximum heat transfer
Sputter coated selective surface Solar Absorption = 96% 2, Thermal Emission = 7% 2
Glazing One outer layer of Tedlar film manufactured by DuPont, minimises heat loss and ensures minimal weight. Overall light transmittance = 95%.
Backing Melinex film, ensuring the collectors are completely waterproof
Collector Box Aluminium box section with all round fixing channels for easy fitting. A sensor pocket is fitted at the appropriate location
Insulation Rigid PIR foam, manufactured with zero ODP
Flow And Return 15mm copper for serpentine operation, 22mm for Headers & Risers
Fluid Content 0.6 litre per 1 square metre of collector area
Flow Rate 1 litre per square metre of collector area per minute
Transfer Fluid 100% Tyfocor antifreeze mixture (recommended)
Test Pressure 15 Bar
Maximum Working Pressure 10 Bar
Pressure Drop 10 kPa at flow rate of 0.03 litres per second, per 1 square metre of collector area
Fixing Methods (1) Retrofit on top of roof cover (2) Flat roof mounted with A-frames and/or ballast or roof fixing
Instantaneous Efficiency 85%
Tested By University College Cardiff, TNO The Netherlands, National University of Singapore, EN12975 by ITW
Life Expectancy In excess of 25 years
Applications Small to large domestic hot water systems, industrial process and swimming pool heating

Solar Panel Control Systems

Tried and tested control systems are integrated into each system, Control packages with BMS link can also be provided. Advanced Date logging systems are also offered with data available to down load via an internet link.

Panel Mounting

McCallum Water Heating can provide roof fixings for every type of roof application. It's very important to consider the roof construction, angle of pitch and orientation at the outset, as this will play a major part in the systems design and cost.

Typical System Layouts

McCallum Water Heating have been involved a wide range of solar thermal projects and can provide detailed system drawings and on-site support for both design and installation. Basic system layouts are offered for you to download, if you require any further support or would like to discuss your system in depth please contact us any time.

PDF's available for download